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Smooth, quiet door travel and precise door guiding with twin rollers Runs smoothly to the side with outstanding reliability Wicket door function can also be operated automatically via the door handle< More convenient with automatic partial opening

Wicket door function

Can be operaed via the door handle

Smooth and reliable

Outstanding reliability

Safe operation

finger trap protection and safety cut-out

Elegant design

side sliding sectional door in three styles
Round the corner garage doors

Round the corner garage doors are perfect for large or curved openings without structural piers.

Thanks to the technology inbuilt to these doors you can create a unique feature to your garage or working space.

These wood or metal doors can be made up to virtually any width, which allows you to have a wide garage opening with the peace of mind that it’s perfectly secure when the impressive mechanism closes to seal in your valuables.

Here are some of the highest quality round the corner doors we can provide.

Hormann  HST

Rundum Meir)

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